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My name is Stephanie Hansen. I have been a graphic designer since 1996 and have been trying to retire since 2008. Through my wise husband’s council, I decided that I would not waste the talents that God has given me and I would use them for His good and His purposes. So began my journey of helping others through graphic design. I began by hosting a website to sell merchandise for my friend’s crafts and that evolved into creating their own websites for them as well as all of the marketing material that went along with that. The doors have opened exponentially since then and I stay a busy girl. I am not for hire, nor do I want to be. I thoroughly enjoy gifting my services and if it is the right fit, and I get the go ahead from The Man Upstairs, then I give freely of what I have. If you are in need of graphic design services, please feel free to contact me using the form on the contact page to be considered. Thank you!